eric and susan beck

My first time Home Buyers have nicknamed me THE REAL ESTATE MOM and it’s easy to see why. There are so many decisions new homebuyers have to make. In response to their needs, I’ve built an extensive network of expert professionals, I trust, to assist my clients with everything from appliances, paint, furniture, gardeners, handymen, to pool services and more. Sharing these relationships guarantees their enjoyment and success as homeowners. Having the privilege of making those connections is one of the aspects I love most about my career in real estate.

“The Real Estate Mom” title I’ve been affectionately given, really hit home when I assisted my own daughter with her first home purchase this past year, prompting us to jokingly comment, “Mom Really Does Know Best”.

I was also honored this past year to receive the Central Valley Association of Realtors “Master Club” award for my dedication, professionalism and trustworthiness in real estate. While the satisfaction, success and referrals of my clients have always been more than enough, it was nice to be recognized by my industry!

I look forward to helping you too!!

The Real Estate Mom

Susan Beck